Recently elected Greens Senator Rachel Siewert
isn’t exactly widely and well known but has attracted some media
interest lately with her warnings about Howard’s new IR laws. Senator
Siewert has taken up the cudgels of the workers, decrying how the new
laws will financially penalise the poorest, weakest and the blue
collar, particularly women, migrants and youth. Siewert cares deeply
about the growing gap between the rich and the poor and has strong
views on what governments must do to address this – starting with her
claim for a $100,000 office refurbishment. Taking up her seat on 1 July
this year, Siewart moved into the electoral office of outgoing
Democrats Senator Brian Grieg, who crashed and burned in the Democrats
demise of 2004. The Commonwealth moved Grieg into trendy Tuscan-style
offices in Perth’s inner city Northbridge back in 1999. However, the
modern, two storey, corner-shopfront address just isn’t quite suitable
enough for Comrade Siewert. It all must change. The claim for the $100K
refit is currently before Eric Abetz, Special Minister for Office Stuff.