Michael Pascoe writes:

PBL insider has been in touch following our speculation yesterday about
how the relationship between executive chairman James Packer and CEO
John Alexander was travelling.

Alexander has convinced Kerry
Packer that he’s the best media executive in the country, but there’s
been room to wonder about how he’s getting on with James, particularly
after the shafting of David Gyngell.

The answer seems to be:
very nicely indeed. Our informant particularly recalled a speech James
Packer gave at a PBL management conference at Crown Casino last year
when he told the hundred or so present that getting to know Alexander
had been one of the highlights of his life.

Well, that doesn’t
sound like much of an ad for being a billionaire’s heir and
Scientologist, but it’s probably more fun than being cross-examined
over One.Tel.

Meanwhile neurologists are warning of the
dangers of executives sharing water bottles. The hunt is on to find the
one Alan Bond, Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer must have all sucked on
at some stage before it causes more memory loss.