Ten’s aggressive 2006 launch

The Ten
Network launched its 2006 line up of
programs last night and with
big media buying groups telling Nine and Ten that there will not be a rate
increase in 2006 it was a very aggressive and
detailed attempt to show advertisers that Ten has the line-up that will perform
and attract viewers.

doing that Ten is hoping to win over the media buyers and get some sort of rate
increase, but the most likely outcome will be the Network gets a rate increase that
kicks in from late May or early June but which spread over the whole year
doesn’t represent an increase in reality.

Ten has to make up for the loss of market share and viewers for
2005, which started in the first two months of the ratings year with the failure
of the X-Factor. Even
though Ten still won its targeted 16 to 39 age group, its share in
that category fell by around 8%, while its share in All People, was down from 23.8% in 2004 to 21.9%.

Last night’s TV ratings

The Winners Even if it’s summer unofficial ratings, you couldn’t get a closer or more competitive night. Nine by 0.1% from Seven with
both Ten and the ABC there or thereabouts. With no “killer shows” to
drag in viewers, the most-watched program was Today Tonight with just
1.274 million people, followed by Nine News with 1.210 million, then Seven News
(1.205 million), and Seven’s new program, The Ghost Whisperer (1.2 million).
Then came A Current Affair on Nine with 1.198 million and Surface, a new Ten
program, with 1.163 million. The successful soft launches for the new programs will please the Networks because
both will end up somewhere in the 2006 schedule.
The Losers Well, only one and that was Headland.
In fact Headland lost the night for Seven. Its audience averaged 774,000, compared to 797,000
on Monday night in its first outing at 7pm (it’s running four nights a
week). Another 100,000 viewers or so would have seen Seven home on the night.
Nine’s Third Watch at 8.30pm (799,000) is reminding us why it didn’t work in prime time before.
News & CA The night was shared nationally with Seven winning the 6.30pm
battle and Nine the news battle. Seven again won Sydney, but with a low
audience figure of 287,000. Nine’s Sydney audience was 280,000. Nine had
wins in Melbourne (though it was close) and Brisbane that offset Seven wins in Sydney,
Adelaide and Perth. Today Tonight won Sydney but ACA had a big win in Melbourne
and Brisbane. The 7pm ABC News again did
well with 1.146 million and accounted for the opposition, while The 7.30 Report
with 1.018 million ran second.
The Stats Nine with 25.7% to Seven with 25.6%, Ten with 24.0%, the
ABC with 18.0% and SBS with 6.7%. It was one of the closer nights this year,
even if it’s in summer ratings. Nine won Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and
Adelaide, but finished third in Perth to Seven and Ten.
Glenn Dyer’s
Nine won but Seven’s
still in front – 26.1% to 25.5% – for the week. With viewing
levels easing because of the absence of the big programs, people like a bit of
news and then it’s turn off or tune out. It makes each night something of a
lottery. Tonight the ABC could surprise with the
best new program line-up. Will people make the effort and