All over by Christmas: An innocent query. Why the rush on
sedition? There aren’t any public service fat cat bonuses riding on the
legislation getting through, are there?

RU sure she’s there: Was that Right to Life veteran Margaret
Tighe working the phones out of Barnyard’s office yesterday on RU486?
It looked like Tighe…

Road to nowhere: Is Dick Perrson, the former DG of Morris
Iemma’s old Admin Services department, about to become the head of the
RTA? And does the new Premier know how to handle his agencies? Bob Carr
used to have monthly chin wags with the CEOs, give them a pep talk,
have a Q&A, the sort of thing that makes bureaucrats feel
appreciated – and lets them know what their colleagues are doing. Iemma
recently held his first meeting. Crikey understands that he turned up
at five to five, gave a prepared speech – and walked out.