The collapse of One.Tel happened on May
27, 2001 and a man named Murdoch was involved. Just 54 days later on
July 14, 2001, British backpacker Peter Falconio was allegedly murdered
at Barrow Creek, north of Alice Springs. Another man named Murdoch was

However, when it comes to their respective memories of
the events that happened on those days, drug runner Bradley Murdoch
seemingly has a much clearer memory that media heir Lachlan Murdoch.

Murdochs spent plenty of time travelling, but Bradley yesterday
demonstrated a remarkably detailed memory of what he did on July 14,
2001. He remembers buying some chicken nuggets for his dog at a Red
Rooster store at around the same time Peter Falconio and Joanne Lees
were in the store, hence the explanation for his DNA being discovered.

also remembered leaving Alice Springs at 3.30pm and being near the
Aboriginal community of Yuendumu, about 400 kilometres from Barrow
Creek, at 8pm, the estimated time of the attack.

Contrast that
with Lachlan who said he couldn’t recall on 205 occasions in one day
when questioned about the collapse of One.Tel last week. How
coincidental that the memory being displayed by both Murdochs happens
to coincide with what would be the best outcome from both court cases.

Lachlan can perhaps be forgiven for not preparing thoroughly for his
evidence as he celebrated his son’s 1st birthday on November 9 and also
supported his wife Sarah who, we learnt from today’s News Ltd papers,
is pregnant with their second child.

The newest arrival will be
grandchild number eight for Rupert, who has six children of his own and
therefore 14 heirs to his $9 billion fortune. Check out Crikey’s full
list of the Murdoch heirs here. Assuming an equal carve-up, each heir will inherit about $650 million.