I’m rebuked for my Pittwater posture. It wasn’t the local issue, a senior source says, it was purely the religious right.

unto others as you would have them do unto you,” Luke 6:31 tells us. A
lot of people on polling booths on Saturday learned that Pittwater
voters were very, very angry.

They were angry with the right.
They were angry at the PM for giving Brogden a serve but not meting out
the same treatment to Tony Abbott when he made his very funny ha ha comments about their boy.

were angry at Clarke and Hawke – especially when they found out that
before Brogden had resigned Clarke had gone to see McTaggart and asked
him to run as a Liberal against J-Bro. Most of all, they were angry
that virtually no one from the Liberal Party has said that they are
going to do anything about the behaviour of Clarke and Hawke – and
incandescent when MP Brad Hazard suggested that there were no problems
inside the Liberals.

What happened on Saturday had nothing to do
with where the candidate was from, but had everything to do with the
way the party is run. Although the first angle can’t have helped.