Barnaby consults: We understand that Barnyard held a meeting
recently with the Catholic Women’s Association to discuss the IR
proposals. One senior former federal Departmental Secretary almost bit
her tongue right through as Barnyard constantly referred to her as “one
of his girls.” But she was not alone. There were numerous references to
allocating tasks to one of his girls – a reference not to staff but

Another IR wobbler?: The union movement is
urging the comrades to ring Government senators’ offices to ask them to
cross the floor on the Workplace Relations Amendments – and Crikey
understands ACT Liberal Gary Humphries’ electorate office staff have
been refusing to state which way he will vote. Another Barnaby or a
Senator who simply can’t remember which side of the Chamber he sits on?

More on political biographies: We’ve quoted from the biography
of Tony Blair’s former man in Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer. Here’s
one take: “With no political coherence or common loyalties to tie it
together, the New Labour elite appears as a collection of individuals,
bound together by uneasy alliances that are easily broken or undermined
(or ‘burned’). In the absence of shared aims or goals, today’s elite is
plagued by personal squabbles that can quickly become public. Meyer is
no serious opponent to Blairism or Bushism, but rather is a new caste
of celebrity leaker, the political equivalent of those blonde girls who
f*** footballers and then tell all to the tabloids.” Yowsers! More here.

Family First make history: Family First seem to be re-writing history. Seventeen releases seem to have gone from their website – mainly ones dealing with the Greens, it appears. Luckily, you can turn back time and read them here.

Bombing run:
The US will start regular bomber aircraft training
in the NT in the new year, leaving Katherine Mayor Anne Shepherd most
unimpressed. When she asked if depleted uranium would be used, she
reportedly copped a call from Wing Commander Chris O’Beirne at RAAF
Tindal saying she had no right to make those comments. Some mistake,

Kiwis at CHOGM:
“Five hundred and fifty
journalists and guess who provokes the international diplomatic
incident at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta?”
Some inspired Kiwi blogging at The Press – great for all you Winston Peters fans, too.