Another SA Liberal MP is about to announce their retirement from politics.

Which national airline last week refused to waive excess baggage charges
for vital medical aid equipment being carried by a group of volunteer
Australian doctors on a critical aid mission to the remote Indonesian
island of Sambawa? The highly trained specialists are believed to have
paid for it out of their own pockets.

Council politics and infamous names. Handing
out how to vote cards on 26/11/05 from 8am through to 6pm at
Montmorency Primary School within the ward of Hawdon for the Banyule
City elections was non other than Andrew Landeryou. Andrew was holding
the HTV cards of a person by the name of Kathy Fleetwood-Hine. A person
that for the entire voting period never set foot in a polling booth!
But alas she did not have to, for her first preference vote went to
none other than the incumbent CR Dale Peters. Cr Peters? The Cr named
in state parliament as a informant to the now retiring MP Bill Forwood
over the pizza and brown paper bag saga that engulfed the BCC with
police involvement.

Mark Skelsey who led the Tele‘s campaign
against Sydney mayor Clover Moore is now on the staff of ex Sydney mayor cranky Franky Sartor.