Christian Kerr writes:

A poll upset for Labor in the Apple Isle has got Liberal leader Rene Hidding very, very excited. An early election may be in the air – and Hidding is warning it could be the end of civilisation as we know it in an epic two page media release:

Labor is preparing for a Labor Green Accord unless it signs majority government pledge

All Labor MPs and candidates contesting the next State election must sign a pledge to govern in majority or not at all, or they will leave the Tasmanian community in no doubt whatsoever that Labor will embark on another disastrous Labor-Green accord if poll predictions are correct.

Opposition Leader Rene Hidding said Labor MPs, including Paul Lennon signed such a pledge in 1994 which now has no validity at all, and it was worrying that the Premier had so far refused to agree to repeat his actions for the 2006 election.

“Until such a pledge is signed by every Labor MP contesting the next election, indeed every candidate as a condition of their pre-selection, Labor is sending the clear message that it is preparing for a possible Labor-Green Accord,” Mr Hidding said.

“The State Liberal Team, including every one of our Liberal candidates, have all signed a pledge guaranteeing to the Tasmanian people that the Liberals will government (sic) in majority, or not at all.

“If Labor does not do likewise, all Tasmanians will know that we are potentially heading for another destructive Labor Green Accord, if in what would be a very unfortunate outcome for the future of Tasmania, people do not elect a stable majority Hidding Liberal Government.

“Tasmania cannot afford a return to the dark days of a Labor Green Accord.

“Tasmanians remember well what an unmitigated disaster the last Labor Green Accord was and it would be terrifying for the future of Tasmania if Premier Paul Lennon was prepared to go down this path again, or his colleagues were conspiring to bring about this outcome.

“I think all Tasmanians would agree that the notion of Peg Putt controlling Paul Lennon on a daily basis would be a recipe for disaster for the future of our State…

“Under a Labor Green Accord we would see Peg Putt controlling Treasury, taxes rising, development grinding to a sudden halt, jobs lost and economy going backwards, not to mention the potential introduction of all sorts of wacky policies such as legalisation of hard drugs and heroin injecting rooms…”

The full rant is available from the Tasmanian Times site.

His epic press release begs the question – how can he possibly sell that message, sell that stuff about Green Pegg Putt controlling Lennon and a return to the dark days unless people vote Liberal?

Even more so, how can credible Liberal leaders like Will Hodgman say it with a straight face?