The Oz
reports on
the Monash
University Centre of Policy Studies’ findings that,
“Australia will record a 195,000
shortfall in workers over the next five years, with many businesses unable to
find the staff and contractors needed to meet

“Economic modelling commissioned by
the federal Government confirms fears of a looming shortfall of young workers as
the baby-boomer generation hits retirement, and supports John Howard’s claim
that Australia is becoming a workers’

This is by no means a new story dear
readers. The skills shortage was big news in March. And what has the Government down in
the 8 months since to address this problem?

Not enough to fix the skills
shortage in Henry’s opinion. The State and Fed Governments have introduced some
small scale training programs to address the issue, but these have clearly not
been enough and more needs to be done. The IR reforms won’t be a short-term fix
despite the proclamations of Workplace Relations Minister, Kevin

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