Crikey editor Misha Ketchell writes:

We know things haven’t been too crash hot in the world of business media lately, but does BRW really need to flog off every last shred of its editorial credibility to the highest bidder?

bad enough that this week’s edition features a wrap-around cover ad for
the Holden Caprice (below left), but when you turn to the real cover
what do you find (below right)? Another (editorial) ad for a Holden….

in a handy bit of positioning, the picture of the cherry red concept
Holden also appears under a tag line linking it with the year’s best
innovations The picture is then repeated on page 4, again on page 36
(full page) and again on page 42 (this time the rear view):

It’s the sort of independent editorial backing money can’t buy. Or can it?

We called BRW
editor Tony Featherstone and ad director Michael Grenenger to try to
shed some light on the remarkable coincidental synergy between the
mag’s editorial and advertising, but so far they have not responded.