Xstrata will put in a bid to purchase Oxiana in the next couple of days. It
was successful in acquiring some of the 74 million shares that were sold

Just talking to a Qantas maintenance union type yesterday. While there has
been some news that Qantas is looking at downsizing its domestic maintenance
workforce and sending the work offshore, they aren’t saying where. The buzz is
that it is going to be Jakarta – from Jan 1.

Newly inducted Radio Hall of Famer, Bob Francis, is off-air from 5AA. Word is he is being let go following his public attack on a magistrate in a
high profile case which has resulted in 5AA facing legal fees pushing the
million dollar mark. Offically he is taking 5 weeks off but the tip is he will not be returning
and 5AA will now revamp their night-time line-up and format.

I live in Bendigo, Victoria and have close friends who work for Paul DeAraugo’s
Bendigo Toyota
(father of Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo) – his phone bill has
just come in to the tune of $200,000 – with the total SMS messages set at a
staggering 800,000 for last month alone.