Misha Ketchell writes:

Trying to speak to the top brass
of a major organisation is a blood sport that usually involves running
the gauntlet of an army of PR hacks, condescending secretaries and
assorted gatekeepers employed to deflect all but the most persistent
members of the public.

Not so at the ACCC, as Crikey correspondent “Crispy” points out:

I noticed that the ACCC yesterday published the mobile telephone number
and pager number of its Chairman, Graeme Samuel on its website [here]. Now that’s really practising freedom of information…Mr Graeme Samuel, Chairman, Mobile: 0408 335 555, Pager: 0408 335 555.

    We emailed the ACCC chief this morning to see if this admirable
    outbreak of accessibility was a mistake. Apparently not. “I would never
    have thought of adopting any other approach,” says Graeme Samuel, “and
    to date have not had any reason to regret or reassess this position.”

    So if you have any issues concerning trade practices, just give Samuel a buzz on 0408 335 555. He’s waiting for your call.