Your “Senior Southeast Asian correspondent” has not bothered to provide some reasoned debate or
checked his facts in his hysterical rant about me.

Had he bothered to check The Straits Times on Friday 4 November he would recall that it WAS front page news.

Also your correspondent may have needed to check the several Straits Times stories
on the topic (just one example: Silence on hangings a policy that may
, 20 June
before frothing at the mouth that there is no mention of Amnesty
reports in Singapore’s media.

The picture he paints of me as being a well-paid foreign
cipher for the Singapore Government is not correct. I
don’t work for the Singapore Government. (The Singapore Government does
have a small shareholding in one of my clients, but it had no influence
on what I wrote for Crikey.) I may work for a PR firm, but the letter
was written in a personal capacity to add perspective to a debate and
your correspondent seems to have completely missed that point.

Your correspondent decided not to call or meet me to discuss the views
despite my personal invitation to do so. Instead he decided
he’d fire me numerous emails demanding proof without pulling his finger
out to do some basic research himself.

Just like his demands, I’d now call on your correspondent to show
clearly demonstrable, rather than anecdotal evidence that the Lees
write and direct the ST editorial as he claims.

And perhaps in the process he could show proof for the wonderful
picture of the average Singaporean, which sounds more racist than
realistic. Mind you, as your correspondent has proven, why let truth get
in the way of the great perceptions you’ve strived for so long to build

But in the end, your correspondent is just another one of these
foreigners who believes it’s their calling in life to tell Singapore and
the world that Lee Kuan Yew is evil personified, while happily enjoying
the benefits of the public services, low tax, good education, safe
streets and cheap shopping that Singapore offers.