Labor’s Senate whip George Campbell has taken time out from his busy schedule playing solitaire on his parliamentary PC to flick round an invite to members of the Parliamentary Irish group to come and hear Bairbre de Brún, Leader of Sinn Féin in the European Parliament, next Tuesday at the Woden Tradesmens Club in Canberra.

Let’s forget about the ethics of our parliamentarians dining with a representative of an organised crime and terrorism combo on the bones of its arse whose last link to Australia was nicking more than 20 million quid from the Irish subsidiary of an Australian owned bankfor a minute here.

What seems to be more interesting is the fact that the invite comes from ACT Labor Senator Kate Lundy and gives the ACT Labor branch office as the contact point.

This appears to be an invite to a Labor fundraiser – it says to make cheques payable to the ALP – yet it’s gone to Coalition parliamentarians.

Pure blarney – or do they want to see who’s silly enough to front up at the Woden Tradies? Julian McGauran’s a Mick, after all…