Singapore Inc might have quite a powerful network in Australia but it
doesn’t compare with the vast networks that Macquarie Bank now commands
across the business community. Forgetting the array of consultants,
executives and mainboard directors, how’s this for a line-up of
impressively connected directors on Macquarie’s various satellite

Neil Balnaves: Australia’s television production guru is chairman of Macquarie Leisure
Jillian Broadbent: the Reserve Bank director is on the board of Macquarie Office Trust
Michael Easson:
the former NSW union boss is a director of Macquarie Infrastructure Group
Ian Ferrier: the highly regarded liquidator is a director of Macquarie Goodman Management
John Harkness:
the former KPMG chairman sits on Macquarie Countrywide and Macquarie Goodman Industrial
Stan Howard:
the PM’s brother was chairman of Hills Motorway
Anne Keating: Paul Keating’s sister is a director of Macquarie Leisure and Macquarie Goodman Industrial
Paul McClintock: John Howard’s former staffer and Cabinet Secretary is on the Macquarie Infrastructure Group board
Max Moore-Wilton:
the PM’s former top bureaucrat is CEO of Sydney Airport
Gerry Moriarty:
the former senior Telstra executive is chairman of Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group
David Mortimer: the former TNT CEO is a director of Macquarie Infrastructure Group
Alan Stockdale:
former Victorian Treasurer has sat on the Macquarie Infrastructure Group board

The last of the Macquarie AGMs for the year is Macquarie Leisure which
takes place at 3pm in Sydney next Monday. If anyone is a shareholder or
fancies wandering along for a look, please email [email protected]
as we might have someone who’d like to ask Anne Keating a couple of
questions and she’s up for re-election this year.