Addressing staff on the editorial floor of The Age
yesterday, editor-in-chief Andrew Jaspan said he was disappointed that
details of the overwhelming response to the current offer of
redundancies had leaked out (Monday’s Crikey).

After all, he
pointed out, the redundancy process was meant to be secret. But he then
went on to reveal that the total number of journalists who had
expressed interest by applying for their payout figures had now reached
100 (and presumably still rising, as the expression of interest period
doesn’t expire till December 2), rather than the 90 reported by Crikey.

While he said he hoped that a quarter of the staff were not
preparing to walk out, he urged older journalists to take a hard look
at the redundancy option. By way of encouragement to those worried
about taking a leap into the unknown, he pointed out that he himself
had changed employers no less than 12 times in his career.