While SBS
TV is racking up its best ever audience figures with the World Cup
, across the
corridor at SBS Radio things are going from bad to
worse. Not only
did their boss Quang Luu miss out on becoming managing director – a job that
went to his TV rival Shaun Brown – but Luu is under the gun at the Senate
Estimates committee too. Sources in SBS think the two may be
linked. Word has it
Luu is blaming his people in Melbourne for the problems, believing someone there
blew the whistle to Liberal party pit bull Senator Santo
Santoro. Santoro
claims an email from Luu’s national editor to his Melbourne broadcasters recommended anti-Bush websites for
satirical material during the US Presidential elections. Santoro
was especially upset that Luu knew about the offending email but did nothing
about it for almost a year. It is known
that at least one of Luu’s Melbourne staff, French programmer Danielle
Kemp, was furious about the email at the time. Kemp was witnessed stalking SBS
radio’s Federation
Square studios waving the offending email at anyone
who’d listen. It may be a
long way from Melbourne to Santoro’s Canberra office, but it’s
not so far when your husband is Liberal Senator Rod Kemp, Minister for the
Arts. Madame Kemp
has the ear of SBS chairman Carla Zampatti – the wife of former Liberal MP and
Ambassador to France John Spender – and she has been useful to SBS’s Melbourne managers in the
past in pushing their anti-Sydney line at venues such as the Victorian inquiry
into the national broadcasters. But sources say this time things at SBS in
Melbourne are
out of hand.

Well-placed senior ex-Telstra source swears it’s true that Telstra will close
Telstra Research Labs (TRL) and let all 300+ staff go. Says it’s going to happen
but has been kept quiet. Wonder if the staff know?

Nice to see hypocrisy is alive and well in the
Queensland Press Gallery
. Channel Ten’s Political Correspondent, Cathy Border,
was one of the most strident critics of former Speaker Ray Hollis and his
entertainment expenses. That didn’t stop her enjoying the hospitality in the
Speaker’s private courtyard after last Friday’s Queensland Parliamentary Press
Gallery Ball.