“HU JINTAO, China’s
president, has a favourite phrase these days: ‘harmonious world,’ in which
countries of different outlooks live together in peace. Mr Hu first unveiled
this idea, more Lennon than Lenin, in a speech at the United Nations (UN) on
September 15th. During recent visits to Asia and Europe, his official talks have been peppered with it. And
President George Bush will doubtless hear it too during his first trip to
China since Mr Hu took office, which
begins on Saturday November 19th.” Thus reports The

“Mr Hu does not say so himself, but
the Chinese media have made it clear that ‘harmonious world’ is, in part, a
rebuff to American ‘hegemonism.’ Countries with different political backgrounds
should be listened to and shown respect, the argument goes. Everyone should
interact ‘democratically’ through the UN. The implication is that
China, as an emerging power at odds
with American ideology, would be a beneficiary of a world order in which
American power was constrained.”

Meanwhile, it seems the
US economy will not be constrained. I
can report the presence of a strong and growing sense of optimism across the
corners of the US I have

  • The amount of infrastructure,
    business and housing construction going on here (in Columbus, Ohio) literally has to be seen to be
    believed. If the Columbus,
    OH economy is travelling this well,
    then the rest of the country must also be doing quite

  • The feeling is that there is an
    increasing acceptance that higher gasoline prices are here to stay – but are not
    the end of the world…

  • The Venture Capital sector seems
    to be heating up again…

  • The War on Terror is starting to
    translate to business opportunities in some

  • The travel industry here is

  • Freight companies are hiring new
    drivers and finding it hard to guarantee on-time deliveries. If the freight and
    packaging industries are doing well, someone is ordering and expecting to sell

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