I heard from a very good source that a team from Macquarie Bank
is carrying out due diligence on St. George Bank Limited. The suitor
in the bid is HBOS Australia Limited, owner of BankWest.

I’ve just got off the phone from completing a survey on the
industrial relations changes conducted on behalf of the Department of
Employment and Workplace Relations. Is the Government suddenly nervous
about public perception/reaction? Apart from alot of scaled questions
(1-10 disagree-agree) the last question was interesting: “Do you think
changes should be made to industrial relations legislation” yes or no.
I wanted to respond yes, but progressively, but there was no option for

Lots of talk around Yarra Trams that Connex is going to walk
away from public transport in Melbourne and hand the whole shebang back
to the government. It wanted to do this asap but has been prevailed
upon to wait until after the Commonwealth Games.