Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland! Now, to wait 1,576,800 minutes for the
first round of the eliminations for the World Cup South Africa 2010. – La Republica

With sadness and frustration written on their faces,
the coaching staff and some players from the Uruguayan team arrived
home at the Carrasco Airport. As they stood surrounded by a media
scrum, people shouted abuse at the players, especially at captain,
Montero, and coach Fossati, who seemed distressed by the situation. – Observa

Several Australians have denounced the behaviour of the Uruguayans
after a confrontation between the Socceroos and the visitors before the
game, in which the visitors allegedly attempted to intimidate the
Australians in the players race of the Sydney stadium. Uruguayan
forward Richard Morales and Australian stalwart Tony Popovic had each
other by the neck ready to fight, minutes before the beginning of the
encounter, according to Socceroos forward John Aloisi. Other Australian
players said some Uruguayans made threatening gestures that suggested
they were going to slit their throats, as well as insulting them in
Spanish in the entrance to the field. But despite this, Socceroo Lucas
Neill said he had not felt threatened. “You can be as tough as you like
in the tunnel, but once you get on the field you have to do the hard
work”, he said. – El Pais