Last week it was announced that TV industry
veteran, Stuart Clark, would be joining DSP Beyond – a production
company owned 51% by Beyond International and the rest by veteran TV
producer Dennis Spencer – in the role of Head of Production and

Clark was punted in the end of financial year clean
out at the Nine Network, where he was in charge of Lifestyle and
Reality TV with productions such as The Block.

The press release stated:

Highlights of his 28 years in the industry include being the co-creator of the highly successful program, BACKYARD BLITZ,
and discovering a raft of new talent such as the increasingly popular
Tom Williams. As the Director of Lifestyle & Reality programs at
Nine, Stuart successfully managed a large portfolio of programs
including Backyard Blitz, Getaway, Burke’s Backyard, Location Location, Amazing Homes, RPA and Changing Rooms.

his role as the Network Executive Producer Infotainment Programs at the
Seven Network Australia, Stuart created four new franchises for the
network; Auction Squad, Room for Improvement, Surprise Chef and The Great Outdoors hour version; as well as increasing the network share in infotainment programming.

CV, but it obviously upset some people at the Seven Network, because
this correction was issued very quickly from Beyond Distribution:

The press release which stated Stuart (Clark) had created
several shows and found certain talent while at the Seven Network is in
fact incorrect. Stuart was the Executive Producer in infotainment at
the Seven Network at the time the shows were created and whist he was
involved in the production of the shows he was not the creator. The
shows were created and the talent discovered by the creative team at
Seven headed by Brad Lyons, Tim Worner, Michael Horricks and David

Now that’s a big correction, but
understandable. If you are independent producers like Beyond, you
don’t want to go upsetting those who matter at Seven, especially the
people who commission new programs and ideas from outside producers.

At the moment Beyond produces Beyond Tomorrow
for Seven, which has been very successful at 7.30pm on Wednesday
evenings this year. But as successful as it’s been, you don’t want to
go poking blunt sticks at the buyers. They can make you jump through