Jason Singh writes:

Spare a thought for those of us stuck in the other
hemisphere trying to work out what was happening in the Australia
v Uruguay game.

In was apparent early on that none of the satellite
channels were broadcasting the game live, so after a brief hunt around the
internet, I hit the 3AW website and was able to listen to their broadcast
live over the internet. However, after 10 minutes it chucked me out and I was
informed that they had reached their “limit” – of listeners who could stream the event at any one time, I
presume. Next stop the
FFA website which informed me that I could watch a video broadcast of the game
as long as I lived in Australia or the UK! Wunderbar! I eagerly
clicked on the required link only to be informed that I was in a country that
was not allowed to receive this broadcast!! Hummph! So I resorted to The Age
website which was giving minute by minute updates. The only problem with them of
course is that they were only actually uploaded to their website every 10
minutes or so!

So we get to the penalty shoot-out and it becomes
obvious fairly quickly that The Age is not going to be updating in the speedy
fashion required, so I log onto the Betfair website and, by the fluctuations in
the betting, make my own assumptions on what the penalty shoot-out score is!

All of this was, as I am sure you can tell, a very
exasperating experience. But it did make me wonder why there weren’t more
internet broadcasts (by radio stations), if there were and I simply wasn’t
aware of it, and why the FFA website didn’t link to them!