I’m a business journalist. A day after I covered Telstra’s
strategic review my office landline was disconnected. I called the help
line – was put through to five DIFFERENT people before the problem
could be lodged. I had a faulty line.

It’s interesting to hear about the AWB saga
and freight payments to Alia as if it was a one-off occurrence. When
working in Peru in the mid 1970s – living next door to the Minister for
Agriculture in a house owned by his daughter – we learned through our
very close social contact that AWB wheat sales to the government of
Peru’s Juan Alvarasco Velado were similarly sweetened.

Every year The Australian newspaper publishes a report on
the worst sharemarket performers. This year News Ltd is one of those.
The report was due to be published today, but today there was a
shareholder briefing in Adelaide and an annual general meeting due, so
the publication has been delayed for a couple of days to avoid
embarrassment. News Ltd will publish it because it would be a blatant
evidence of bias not to, but it will be published after the opportunity
for analysts and shareholders to ask questions will occur.

What’s the story with
the impending industrial action at Superpartners (the industry
superannuation fund administrator)? Monday 21st November 205 FSU
members are having a three hour stop work meeting due to failure of
management to negotiate changes to the Superpartners EBA in relation to
reasonable hours. Is this the same organisation that looks after the
super funds of a huge number of union members? How long will management
let this go on?

MyBusiness magazine has been sold to Mr Peter Stirling, of Melbourne-based Hallmark Editions, reportedly for 450K.

A full year after Victorian Health Minister Pike
sacked a rural (Sale)
hospital Board for alleged but unsubstantiated financial mismanagement, her
administrator and Regional Director have been reported to the ombudsman and
fraud squad for deliberately misleading the public on the audited figures by
claiming surpluses when indeed they sustained four times greater losses than the
previous year.