Yesterday’s admission by Fairfax editor-in-chief Mark Scott that he
agreed to a request by NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney to suppress
news of iminent terror arrests raises the question: what was News
Ltd’s role in events that led to the police’s worst result – a very
public tip-off that might have allowed a suspect to flee the net?

This morning, we sent the following email to The Australian’s editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell:

You might have seen our story yesterday revealing that
Fairfax’s Mark Scott agreed with NSW police chief Moroney on Wednesday
2 November to withhold reports forewarning police targets of last
week’s planned terror raids.

We’re told that, according to Moroney, News gave a similar undertaking.

Is this correct? If not, were you approached by police seeking the
suppression of some relevant facts, and what was your response?

His office replied: “He will give you an answer this afternoon…”

We look forward to an interesting email, and will publish his response in this space tomorrow.