Which Victorian University Vice Chancellor fired their Registrar
last Friday? Surely it’s not another RMIT-style IT management system
stuff-up? Clue: it’s not located in Melbourne.

Paramedics are now able to sedate anyone
by force who in their assessment poses a risk to others. This is in
relation to the police presence i.e. numbers being stretched during the
Commonwealth Games.

Up to three Qantas workers are under
investigation for getting a little too “up close and personal” with the
Airbus A380 at Brisbane Airport over the weekend. Could be some serious
Federal charges pending. A bit embarrassing on the eve of their big
85th birthday party. And what does Qantas do when its very own global
ambassador – a Hollywood mega-star with his own runway, an historic 707
aircraft, and the adoration of millions – arrives ahead of schedule?
Well, the limo was scrambled, but to the bemusement of a handful of
late evening Brisbane travellers, John Travolta jumped on a public bus
to his city hotel. Only in Brisbane.

I am moving interstate
shortly and called Fairfax to cancel my 6 day a week subscription. The
call centre cheerfully informed me that there is a $50 cancellation fee
and helpfully suggested I pass on the remainder of my subscription
(some 6 months) to a neighbour. My objection is twofold – firstly a $50
fee is gouging and secondly it raises the question about how they
account for the fee – is that $50 worth of fees counted as newspapers
for the purposes of circulation numbers?