Rest assured that the current licensing attempts by Betfair / PBL to run an
authorised betting exchange in this country – a Bill relating to which goes before
the upper legislature soon – is a stone cold, odds on certainty to be
passed. This information comes direct from within Government.

despite constant complaints and rantings about “integrity” concerns,
mainland racing authorities are as we speak making plans for their own

The only reason that they are really opposed to
exchanges is that they threaten the existing tote monopolies. These are
the self same monopolies that the racing bodies of NSW and Victoria are
seeking to take over for themselves, so on a business footing, it is
hardly surprising they should want to protect their financial interests.

hypocrisy, however, comes in the fact that they are complaining about
the immorality of exchanges whilst all the time working on setting up
their own!

Racing Victoria are currently working on a
confidential business model for an exchange, and Racing NSW have made
enquiries of a software provider on the costs and logistics of setting
one up. I have no idea what the QLD Racing Board are doing, but I do
know that UNITAB already have a working prototype for a betting
exchange in place.

I feel they are deliberately misleading the public who have a right to know the duplicitous nature of their stance on this.