Why aren’t we surprised that News Ltd’s Australian didn’t think it important to report on the adverse mention it copped in the Federal Court on Monday in the Seven Network’s C7 case.

The story was published on the front page of the Weekend Australian of November 5 and involved comments by former Seven CEO, Julian Mounter which traversed evidence given in the case by Kerry Stokes, Seven’s executive chairman.

This obviously upset Justice Sackville who told yesterday’s hearing:

I do wish to observe… that there would seem to be more than a hint of conflict of interest for a party to litigation to publish in its own newspaper an article apparently calculated to cast doubt upon the veracity of the evidence which is adverse to the interest of the publisher. That may be something for others to consider, I don’t mean in a legal context.

Not a mention of this in the short report on yesterday’s resumption of proceedings.

The same author reported only that Seven had proposed mediating with the AFL and was talking to Ten and was looking to mediate with the ARL on some issues.