The fallout from the
resignation of senior journalist and founding editor Alex Kennedy and
board chairman Ian Meikle from the Adelaide quality broadsheet The Independent Weekly continues to settle over the City of Churches.

A fight over coverage of local icon and takeover target, Coopers Brewery, is threatening the future of the 15-month old paper.

has reportedly sent a strongly worded email to publisher Paul Hamra,
describing claims that he resigned because he is Sydney-based as
“fiction” and “disgraceful, dishonourable and dishonest.” Meikle is
understood to have contacted ASIC over the way in which his departure
has been represented.

At the same time, there is talk of a redesign, a more hands on editorial approach from Hamra – and redundancies.

Paul Hamra responds: The Independent Weekly
is being refined for when we come back in 2006. This process is being
managed by our Editor Nick Carne and has the buy-in of the editorial
team. The changes are based on feedback from our readers – creating a
product which more effectively targets our niche and builds on our
position of independent, quality local journalism.

Into our
second year, we now have a better understanding of our readers – what
they like and don’t like. Last week, the Roy Morgan Readership Survey
reported that we had increased our readership by 3,000 readers – giving
us a clear picture of who was reading our paper.

There are no editorial redundancies; in fact we are currently talking to people about filling a vacancy.