chicken brands have created contingency plans to protect their
businesses in the face of the unfolding avian flu disaster, in line
with crisis plans international brands are currently implementing. The
global threat of a potential avian influenza outbreak is putting large
brands on the front foot with KFC’s parent company in the US, Yum
Brands, creating television commercials to dispel any misconceptions
about the bird virus, and marketers in Australia have also admitted to
having plans in case a local outbreak occurs.

Nandos national
marketing manager, Carlos Antonius, said its stores in Malaysia started
to be affected a year ago, and have been subject to the company’s
crisis management policy. He says a company plan is in place in
Australia in order to deal with a potential outbreak.

“The plan
is ready to be actioned within a 24 hour period… it’s in place from a
business, franchising and consumer perspective. We are working with our
chicken supplier and we have access to the poultry board,” Antonius

“Our [marketing activity] would have a little bit of a
different element to it, but wouldn’t be changed drastically because we
don’t have a big budget and at the end of the day consumers will
already have their minds made up.”

Red Rooster national
marketing manager, David Hahn, said it will be launching new marketing
campaigns but did not confirm that any would directly target the virus

“The entire chicken industry, from growers through to
retailers, are working together with the government to minimise the
impact of any potential outbreak. It is important to note that the
likelihood of an outbreak affecting the chicken industry here in
Australia is small,” Hahn said.