Castle makes Nine the king – just

Nine Network snatched a close win in last week’s ratings thanks to the great
Australian movie, The Castle. Nine
won the week with a share of 29.4% to 29.0% for Seven,
which was boosted by Tuesday night’s final of Dancing With The Stars – the week’s most popular program. Ten finished
with 20.3%, the ABC with 15.8% and SBS with 5.6%. For
Saturday night, Nine won with a share of 33.1% to seven
on 28.5%. The ABC was third with 16.7%, ahead of a weak Ten with 15.2% and SBS
on 6.6%. Seven
had won Friday 30.8% to 26.7% for Nine, 20.0% for Ten,
18.4% for the ABC and 4.1% for SBS.

the week, Nine won everywhere bar Perth, and Sydney where Seven snuck home narrowly,
29.0% to 28.6%, thanks partly to the Tuesday night, but also to the continuing
strength of the News, Today Tonight and Home and Away. Nine’s
strength at 6 to 7pm in Melbourne and especially Brisbane, gave it a platform
with which to fight off Seven. The
proved the difference on Saturday night: it attracted an average of 1.255
million viewers to become the most watched program nationally, with
the biggest audiences in Sydney and Melbourne and top five finishes in Brisbane, Adelaide and

The ABC’s stuff up of the year
What do
you think would happen if you had a car race and no cars turned up?
think it odd. Well
what happens when you publish a book about a car race and the
scheduled TV
program doesn’t make it to air in time for any tie-in and publicity push to
happen? Well,
you would have the Peking to Paris Car Race, the ABC’s stuff up of the year
in 2005. One of
the book’s co-authors is Warren Brown, the cartoonist with News’s Daily Telegraph
in Sydney. Here’s
the publisher’s blurb on the tie-in book from Harper Collins from the News Corp
Empire. The book is called The Great Peking to Paris Expedition. Here’s
a quote from the Harper’s webpage on the book:

Great Peking to Paris Expedition
ignite the imaginations of veteran car enthusiasts, travel buffs and armchair
travellers alike. The book ties in with
ABC TV’s documentary, to be screened in October.

Well not any more. It won’t be screened
until early 2006. It is being re-cut and re-written, having
blown out from three to four one hour programs. Another writer called Richard Mortlock, a former 60 Minutes producer and film writer, has
been brought in to do the re-write. It is not one of the ABC’s finest bits of
TV production.

Last night’s TV

The Winners A win again for Nine on a Sunday night thanks to CSI, 1st with
1.594 million viewers,and 60 Minutes, third with 1.427 million. Ten’s Australian
sort of perked up and ran second with 1.452 million, but that was little
changed from the previous Sunday. Seven’s entertaining ABBA re-cut attracted
1.339 million from 7.30pm to 9pm and enabled the network to remain competitive
on what is one of its worst nights. Nine News and The Closer (at 9.30pm) also
did well with 1.335 million and 1.256 million viewers respectively. Nine’s
Celebrity Fat Farm
(OK, Overhaul), faded a touch to 1.147 million and Ten’s comedy special at 8.30pm did 1.046 million.
The Losers

Losers, not all that many: Seven’s Hot Property real
estate program re-appeared with Michael Caton (The Castle, Saturday, Nine) in
charge and attracted 969,000 people. OK, a bit better than what Seven had been
getting, but the Network would have liked a few more viewers. Ten’s Australia’s
Brainiest Kid
continues to languish under a million viewers with 825,000 on
average. Average indeed. The Grand Final of the Einstein Factor (ABC) with
796,000 was low: the final two programs just shed tens of thousands of viewers
without anything different on the other

News & CA Nine News won: it’s Sunday after all, but viewing numbers are
falling because of the longer twilights. Seven News was 120,000 or so viewers
behind Nine and was kept in the game as usual by a very solid win in Perth. ABC
News was watched by 991,000. The Sunday morning chat shows were disrupted to an
extent by the soccer on SBS. Nine’s Sunday from 9am wasn’t and was watched by
342,000 people. Business Sunday at 8am was, and its 140,000 audience was lower
than recent weeks. The same with Seven’s Weekend Sunrise: it was down to 184,000
people. The ABC’s The Insiders at 9am wasn’t but its audience was still lower
than normal at 122,000. Inside Business at 9.45am was down to 86,000 and Ten’s
Meet The Press was hit by the soccer with just 45,000 people
The Stats Nine with 31.4%, from Seven with 26.0% Ten with 24.5%
the ABC with 13.6% and SBS with 4.5%. Nine won all markets, bar Perth where it
was a Seven victory.
Glenn Dyer’s
Only one more Sunday night
to go in official ratings and just under two more weeks, so all sorts of year
finals and odds and sods programs start appearing. That doesn’t include tonight
where it’s Grey’s Anatomy on Seven up against Eddie Everywhere’s second
millionaire winner on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The big disruption this week
will be the second leg of the World Cup soccer on SBS on Wednesday night and
Seven’s Headland tomorrow night will be of interest too.