Amusing and shocking tales of attacks on hacks and snappers continue
to reach the Crikey bunker and today’s favourite involves the
photographer and martial arts expert Troy Howe, who didn’t take his
punishment lying down.

Troy Howe: the former Sydney Morning Herald photographer and martial arts
aficionado was covering a story that related to some
mischievous doctor, who emerged from court with a minder. Apparently,
while Troy was shooting the doctor, his minder pushed him to the
ground, and while he was down there, the doctor put the boot in too.
When Troy got up he rendered the doctor unconscious with a round
house kick to the head, and the minder decided discretion was the
better part of valour.

Chris Hyde:
The Daily Telegraph photographer was attacked at Downing
Centre Local Court in Sydney by a woman who jumped on to his back and urinated
over him.

Heath O’Loughlin: the Channel Seven reporter was set
upon by the babysitter of missing toddler Daniel Thomas, Mandy Martyn,
in Myrtleford in 2003. She landed a left punch on his jaw after
jumping into the crew car. He then threw her out of the car and she
used a microphone lead to attack the crew!

Andrew Orsatti: Then Socceroos coach Frank Farina grabbed the SBS reporter around the
neck after a soccer friendly between Australia and Iraq. Orsatti referred the
matter to police but no charges were laid. The FFA also investigated the
matter but took no action against Farina, officially. Orsatti and Farina had
been butting heads for months over a vicious opinion piece Orsatti had written
on the SBS website, but the saga goes back further as is explained here.

Mick Tsikas:
the AAP photographer in Sydney was once attacked by five people at the
same court.

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