Imagine a parallel universe where the
Liberal Party lines up with Bob Brown, the Dems and Baghdad Bill Hartley from
the Socialist Left to defeat Labor legislation on terrorism and you have
something like what happened in the House of Commons on Wednesday .

But have a look at how The Sun has reported
the episode.
You thought Paul Kent’s “These grubs need to meet a size 11 boot”
opinion piece in The Telegraph was over the top? This is parallel universe

TREACHEROUS MPs betrayed the British
people last night by rejecting new laws to combat terror,” political editor
Trevor Kavanagh writes:

They IGNORED the wishes of the vast
majority of Britons and HUMILIATED Tony Blair by inflicting his first Commons

Gutless Tory MPs were joined by up to 47
Labour rebels as they wrecked the PM’s bid to hold terror suspects for 90 days
without charge.

The vote went against Mr Blair by 322 to
291. And the limit was slashed to just 28 days by an even bigger majority —
despite police warnings this could leave the nation dangerously exposed to
terrorists allowed to roam free…

“The Winners,” The Sun screams. There in a
sidebar are Tory leadership hopefuls David Cameron and David Davis, former
Blair minister turned bleeding heart Clare Short, geriatric sectarian bigot Ian
Paisely, Al-Zarqawi – the Jordanian terrorist suspected of being behind
yesterday’s blasts in his homeland – and the Big O, Osama, himself.

Then there are “The Losers” – six victims,
some dead, some mutilated, some bereaved – of the July 7 bombings in London.

“TELL us what you think of the traitor MPs
who voted against Blair’s 90-day motion by emailing [email protected],” it finished.

It looks as if the biggest loser is the
bloke the Sun‘s proprietor, Rupert Murdoch, backed back in May. And Rupert
doesn’t like his people losing.