The Herald Sun is today still banging on about their precious cameramen. Over at Spencer St, The Age
has put footage of Tuesday’s clash outside Melbourne Magistrates Court
up on its website, so we can glean an insight into the press gang’s
modus operandi. Check it out
in slow motion and replay a few times, and you will find an interesting
point the media has so far ignored in its hysterical coverage – one of
the cameramen hits one of the Muslim boys, an old trick so he can
capture that moment of anger. And, of course, one thing leads to

Take a close look at the bald cameraman with the
light blue shirt. If I’m not mistaken, when a woman begins yelling
ahead in front of the boys, the Muslim boy in the beige hooded top
wearing a black cap starts walking fast towards the commotion.

check out the cameraman who follows him from behind – he “taps” or
“hits” the boy on the head or shoulders to get his attention to turn
around so he can capture the boy’s picture in anger. Of course, this
works a treat, as the boy probably feels he’s being attacked from
behind. He falls for it, adding in turn to the fight. Also, note the
fact that the boys yell at the paparazzi to “STAY AWAY!” Why would you
yell “stay away” unless you feel you are being attacked?

It’s a
pity the scene starts too early to show how the media horde assists in
instigating the fight. It’s reminiscent of how the paparazzi would
annoy their prey (insert name of movie star here) to provoke some
reaction from them, to get the “money shot.”

The media is not as
innocent as they would like to portray themselves. They’ve successfully
created a picture of young Muslim boys being violent in public, when
the truth is the media instigated or at least helped create the havoc.

don’t condone any violence, but just listen to that cameraman at the
end of the brawl before the boys walk away – he swears and yells: “You
have no idea guys.”

What? Like no idea that the pictures he took would have set the boys up to look like terrorists from the Middle East?