Anyone noticed how the news today has been taken over by the “this day
in history” section of the paper? Radio isn’t missing the historical
action either, and those who listened this morning to the great 11
November discussion on Radio National were treated to a quartet of
political veterans reminiscing on the great events: Laurie Oakes,
Michelle Grattan, Mungo McCallum and David Barnett. Well, three
out of four ain’t bad.

Howard hagiographer Barnett was either up too early, already tired and
emotional, or disoriented by fond memories of 30 years ago. When
he started raving on about Muslims (can’t remember many being around in
1975) he lost his tenuous train of thought completely and started
babbling. The brekkie talkfest is not up on the RN website yet – but it’s worth a listen if and when it does go up.