list of media attacks is proving to be both entertaining and worrying –
but the Nick Grimm story below is particularly amusing. Keep them
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the list on the site here, plus the latest five:

Dean Felton (again):
Our crew was waiting to get pictures of a teenage girl who’d been
charged with very effectively torching a state school. She was leaving
the Holland Park Magistrates Court in Brisbane via the underground car
park following her bail application, when her brother drove in
to pick her up. It was bad enough when he drove the car at the
assembled media scrum to scatter us. But then he got out of the car and
bravely started shoving around my five-foot-two female camera operator
(ignoring male crews from the other networks, who chivalrously
continued to film the unfolding drama). Uncharacteristically, I stepped
in, in an attempt to protect her, but got my head bashed against a
concrete pillar for my trouble. At that delicate stage of negotiations,
uniformed cops swarmed out of the building, subdued the bloke (I recall
him as HUGE – naturally) and offered to charge him, an offer I

Campbell Fuller and Sylvia Tuz: In November 1992, after Jeff Kennett swept aside the Kirner government, Joan’s former treasurer TonySheehan told The AFR
that Victoria’s economic mess was partly because Cabinet had refused to
heed his Budget strategy. He then went to ground on Wilsons Promontory,
sparking a large media hunt. After 24 hours, an ABC crew finally found
him jogging down the main street of Sandy Point in his Speedos, and
lost him when he left the road. But Fuller and his pint-sized Herald Sun
photographer, Sylvia Tuz, managed to get in front of Sheehan as he
headed for the beach, hoping he would stop for a short interview. But
Sheehan deliberately barged into them and then pushed over Tuz, leaving
her shocked and shaken. He then ran along the beach in the pouring rain
for several kilometres to escape the pack of 20 reporters,
photographers and camerapersons who had swept into the sleepy hamlet.

Nick Grimm: Back in early nineties when the ABC 7.30 Report’s Grimm was (briefly) an eager young reporter on the Hinch
program at Network Ten, he received a fast lesson about the dangers of
the television “walk-in.” It was for a story about the illegal dumping
of toxic chemical waste into landfill beneath a new residential
development. Unfortunately, he had been given the wrong address for the
alleged wrong-doer. He and his crew walked in, camera rolling, only to
be set upon by the very angry inhabitants (one wielding an iron
bar). Fortunately for the camera crew concerned, Nick bore the brunt of
the attack, which left him slightly bloodied, and his new suit torn.
Overcoming his injuries, the embarrassed and highly-apologetic Nick
Grimm managed to persuade his assailant not to prosecute him for home
invasion. Needless to say, the footage of the incident was never shown.

Kevin May: The ABC cameraman was poked and pushed by Kerry Packer at a polo match in the 1980s.

Jeremy Thompson: Who could forget when Max Ortmann,
then Member for Brennan in the NT, choked ABC reporter Jeremy Thompson
with a microphone cord during an interview? In fact, Thompson’s memorable account of the incident appeared in the second first edition of Crikey on February 20, 2000.