Hang out at the Krispy Kreme by Sydney Airport, and
who knows what you might see.

A Crikey operative was there just
yesterday, when seven motorcycle cops pulled up. Chief Wiggum time, our mole
thought. Then a smartly dressed young woman in a black suit went by, carrying
two bags each loaded with packs of Krispy Kreme – eight dozen doughnuts in all.

She was followed by another woman, just
sporting a briefcase – and another, also with two bags, each with four dozen
doughnuts, making a grand total of 192 Krispy Kremes. And woman number three?
Amanda Vanstone.

PS Some facts on Krispy Kreme, courtesy of
NSW Democrat MLC Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans:
“The original glazed doughnut weighs 52 grams and has 12 grams of fat. Of its
200 calories, 110 are derived from fat. The New York
cheesecake doughnut has 330 calories, of which 170 are derived from fat. The
total fat content is 19 grams, which is 30 per cent of the daily requirement.
Those figures are provided by the company.”