John Hogan writes:

I recall Pat Cash being involved in
a punch-up with a reporter while practising for a Davis Cup final. I
think it was in the late 80’s and it was definitely at Kooyong.

A subscriber with a sharp memory faxed us this Courier Mail report from December 2001:
building consultant pleaded guilty to a charge of assault occasioning
bodily harm against Channel 9 reporter Karl Stefanovic…He struck
Stefanovic with a hard blow to the head, that caused bruising to
Stefanovic’s right cheek and cut the inside of this mouth.

Anonymous writes:

your list of TV cameramen who have been attacked, you missed Mick
O’Brien of SBS and his reporter, who were roughed up at a Lakemba (I
think) mosque after the Skaf trials a couple of years back.

A Crikey reader writes:

father was present at the last Easter Bike weekend at Bathurst (1986?)
He was camped with a bunch of mates alongside a group of bikies.
Following rowdy behaviour the year before the police had a compound
built at the top of the mountain. In preparation for a bit of
potentially good footage Channel 7 posted a camera team on top of the
mountain just in case things got rowdy again. As the evening progressed
the bikies kept drinking but nothing too untoward was happening. My
father and his mates swear to this day that a representative of 7
approached the bikies, conversed with them for 5 minutes or so then
returned to the 7 vehicle and his companions. They then commenced to
unload all equipment in the car piling it to one side well away from
the car. They then set up a their camera gear. The 7 representative
returned to the group of bikies, had a quick word with them then went
back a safe distance. This was followed by the bikies proceeding to
trash the vehicle, all on tape of course, eventually setting fire to
it. Of course the police arrived and the famous riot that ended the
races for good at Easter ensued. On return my father swore never to
watch 7’s news again. He had always watched 7 and I believe that he has
been true to his word. He reckoned that for the loss of a $15k vehicle,
7 had got themselves more than 4 times the value in news coverage.