Bias is in the eye of the beholder: Let’s not overlook Senator Santo Santoro’s previous great contribution to public debate over ABC bias on Michael Duffy’s Counterpoint. Duffy asked him for evidence that the ABC is biased. Santoro replied that interviewers addressed politicians by their first names. Duffy then pointed out that Santoro had actually asked him to call him by his Christian name. And Santoro responded that he had, and that that was OK. Sheer bl**dy genius. Listen to it all here.

More Cheeky business in Tasmania: A mysterious, anonymous letter from “a small group of ladies involved in our community and [who] also have connections to the Liberal Party” has appeared at the home of former Tasmanian opposition leader Bob Cheek, addressed to his good lady wife. It talks about his biography. “Please make him stop this nonsense and order the printing of this horrible book to stop,” it says. How odd. More here.

They do things differently across the Tasman: The New Zealand Parliament sat for the first time on Tuesday since the election. There was a traditional Maori welcome, the military band played God Defend New Zealand, the Governor-General went trooping the line – and the band struck up that old Streisand showstopper On A Clear Day.