Yesterday’s Fin Review report on the terror raids, ‘Police: We had to act quickly,’ reported that the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court heard that the nine men in Melbourne had in their possession an unauthorised handgun, a shopping list of chemical apparatus and a “map of Melbourne’s Casselden Place, the site of government offices.” A Crikey reader forwarded us this internal email from the very alert occupants of the building in question:

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 11:18:23 +1100
To: All Staff Curriculum Corp
Conversation: Casselden Place Security
Subject: Casselden Place Security

Dear all

Many staff will be aware that amongst the documents seized by police and security agency officers yesterday was a “map of Melbourne’s Casselden place, the site of government offices” (Aust. Fin. Review p.5, Wed 9 Nov). Other newspapers carried similar information in their reports today.

In consultation with Sue Mann, I have had a discussion with Graham O’Donnell the Casselden Place Senior Facilities Manager regarding the Building Management (Knight Frank) response to this disclosure. I can report to staff the following relevant and available information.

  1. The “map” referred to in media reports has not been described. It might be a floor plan, an evacuation exit wall poster plan, or some other form of plan. The Building Management is in liaison with the Australian Federal Police to determine what was held by the suspects and to consider the implications of it.
  2. Building management is meeting today individually with senior management of all key government department tenants to discuss their security arrangements and strategies provided to those departments from their own security advisors/officers.
  3. As of last night, as soon as this information was made public, the building security was immediately upgraded.
  4. Graham advised me that even prior to yesterday, the security standards of the building were at the same levels mandated by ASIO at the time the Prime Minister had offices in the building. Those standards have been maintained.
  5. Security provisions within the building since the upgrade last night will continue to be reviewed in consultation with relevant authorities.
  6. Graham is very willing to brief staff on arrangements, to the extent possible without divulging confidential information. I have suggested we do so on Friday when he has more information available to him. I will propose a brief staff meeting for all staff with Graham on this Friday at 11.00am and confirm with staff after consultation with Graham.


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