How do we pin the Treasurer down? Inflict a hammer drop on him?

Well, we’re just after a wrestling name for him, after his love for the, er, sport was revealed on the weekend – and have three WWE rasslin’ DVDs courtesy of the Shock Entertainment Group for the best suggestions.

Here’s some wrestling trivia for you to contemplate while you think about your entries – a winner will be announced on Friday.

“Wrestling is full of guys who have played second fiddle and continually been screwed out of a title,” one subscriber has warned.

And another says “Back in the days when Jack ‘They’ll be hanging from the rafters’ Little presided over World Championship Wrestling on Channel Nine (if memory serves – it was a long time ago) – the show was sandwiched between Bob Santamaria’s Point of View and Epic Theatre.” So does that mean the Treasurer will have to fight off Tony Abbott and Brendan Nelson for the top job?

Still, that shouldn’t scare off a title contender like Peter Costello.

Meanwhile, we think that if the Treasurer wants to be a real standout for the Lodge, he should try and stand out Jesse Venture style.