The task facing the Australian Rugby League team to
retain their Tri-Nations crown has been made much more difficult as a result of captain Darren Lockyer’s tour-ending injury.

Lockyer might have been dreadfully out of form during the premiership
season, but he has really “made the difference” in the last two
Tri-Nations wins against the Kiwis and Great Britain. And fans will
remember he “made the difference” when he returned from injury in time
for last year’s final against Great Britain.

He will nominally be replaced by Trent Barrett, but he
has injury worries as well.

So, in absolute confirmation of the belief that the
Kangaroos team is much harder to get out of than into, the selectors have
recalled the Roosters’ Craig Wing – the one player dropped from the Kangaroos when
the original team was announced. In doing so they have inexcusably overlooked
the 2005 player of the year, Jonathan Thurston.

The team has also lost Nathan Hindmarsh and what an expensive
conveyance he has been. Ruled as unfit for the original team, then
recalled a week later, and now to return home without playing a game.

But what more would you expect from the most hopeless
sporting body in Australia – the Australian Rugby

And not only is the team minus Lockyer, it is also
without Andrew Johns, and there is general agreement that Lockyer and Johns are
as good as any in the game today.

It is time for some of the underperforming Kangaroos to
step up a notch. It probably won’t matter against the French this weekend, but
it will against Great
Britain on 20 November.

Meanwhile, on the home front, the future ownership and
control of the South Sydney Rabbitohs remains as
unclear as ever. But there needs to be some resolution soon, now that it is
clear both the football club and South Sydney Leagues
Club are struggling financially – to put it generously.

It would seem the Peter Holmes a Court bid to unite
South Sydney with the much more financial South
Sydney Juniors is going nowhere. Perhaps Souths supporters
might let me know whether they support the new Holmes a Court plan or

It just seems to me that “doing nothing” is not an
option, given the poor financial state of the football club and the leagues