Earlier this week Crikey speculated that Malcolm Turnbull’s dog days on
the backbench may not be that long lived – and it seems we’re not alone.

But dog days don’t seem all that bad in the Turnbull household, if the Member for Wentworth’s latest newsletter is anything to go by.

“The dogs continue to update their blogs, more often than I update my own I am ashamed to say,” Malcolm confesses.

The RSPCA has endorsed the site, too. “Claire Munro, the Media Manager
at the RSPCA NSW said: ‘The RSPCA is delighted to be involved with
Malcolm Turnbull’s dog blogs and supports the positive animal welfare
message contained on the website. We encourage responsible pet
ownership and support the fun way the dogs are spreading the message of
the responsible care of our pets’.”

Indeed, two of the RSPCA animals have written to the Turnbull dogs. One is Mr Bob, a brown Chihuahua and the second is a 200 kg pig.

Didn’t the pig join the local Liberal Party in the lead up to the
Wentworth preselection? Oh, no. That was James Packer, not his dad.