More comment on Senator Santo Santoro’s “them and us” remarks on the ABC and yesterday’s feedback:

“While the general point is well put, not to use personal pronouns in
journalism, at least two of the examples were unreasonable.

“When Ken Begg reported ‘We’re back’, as in the broadcasting feed has
returned to ‘us’, and Mary Delahunty reported that ‘We (Victoria) have
lost another minister’, indeed possibly it is true that Liberals all
thought ‘we’ meant Labor.

“But the correct inference from that could only be that all Liberals
are stupid, which is likely an overgeneralisation. Well, then again,
maybe not. What the ABC, and every other media outlet, should be
fighting for is the right to use English properly, rather than
conceding some fictitious requirement to use English so as not to
offend idiots.”