For those dwindling numbers
of Coalition MP staffers who were around pre-1996, the years in the
political wilderness are but a distant and receding memory (and not
even worth remembering).

In the 13-odd years between Coalition
governments, the staffers mostly drifted away and only a hard core few
hung on to wait for government, some of who still remain.

It has
been a long time in the planning and all past attempts at a reunion of
sorts have faltered for one reason or another, mostly apathy. But this
Friday in Canberra the old warriors are planning to come out of the
woodwork and raise a glass or three to the bad old days.

main organiser, it seems, is Susan Warren, a former adviser to John
Hewson in the old days and to Robert Hill in the more recent good days,
and now a lobbyist with defence contractor Raytheon.

Rumours are
rife that Hewie – not one for keeping up with old colleagues, most of
whom he has fallen out with – might put in a cameo at a certain trendy
new bar in Kingston around 5.30pm.

Oh, and the arrogance? Look at the date – 11 November, the 30th anniversary of The Dismissal. They just can’t help themselves.