It is my understanding that currently Qantas are
responsible for Singapore Airlines Ground Maintenance at most of the major
airports in Australia. Apparently they have been trying to increase their fees
for these services to Singapore to unrealistic levels. The result is that due
to this increase they have lost their contract with Singapore
Airlines. Singapore Airlines has now gone to a smaller supplier of these
ground maintenance services effective immediately. This may be considered simple market forces,
however industry insiders believe there is a bigger plan in play here by Qantas,
who are believed to be wanting to wind back their maintenance services with the
view to outsourcing these operations, possibly to overseas players.

Why is it the only noise out of ASIC these days has the by-line ‘Jeremy
Since the Vizard debacle, Chairman Jeff Lucy seems to have gone
missing, leaving all the important announcements, appearances and industry
meetings to his (very able) Deputy. Word from inside the Commish is it’s all a
bit rudderless. Why doesn’t the Government just formalise the ‘new’ appointment?
Perhaps there’ll be a dignified exit in the New Year once the dust has