• Stick that in ya pipes ya left w*nkers trying to accuse Little Johnny of a diversion. Whale Oil Beef Hooked
  • The raids this morning in Melbourne and Sydney and the arrest
    of people on terror-related charges underlines once again why the
    police were so upset with John Howard’s stunt press conference last
    week in which he revealed knowledge of the upcoming action. It also
    underlines how hopelessly politicised the entire issue is, with the
    government feeling free to manipulate information they are privvy to as
    they see fit. John Howard’s protestation of ‘damned if you do, damned
    if you don’t’ are shown up for the nonsense rationalisation it is: as
    if the police action would not have gone ahead if he didn’t have his
    press conference! Throw in the fact that Victorian Police Commissioner,
    Christine Nixon, confirmed on radio this morning that this was part of
    an operation that was 16 months old and you get a sense of how
    opportunistic the PM’s press conference was. – The Road to Surfdom
  • Score: 1 for the Home team, 0 for the Terrorists. I wonder how
    many more thwarted attacks we don’t know about? I wonder how long it
    will take before the MSM actually covers this story? I wonder how long
    it will take before the anti-America crowd will claim these arrests are
    just window dressing and that no real crime was committed? – Little green colloquium
  • Our friends and allies “down under” just pulled off a raid in
    their own homeland that shows that the danger from Muslim terrorists is
    real and omnipresent. – Curiouser & Curiouser

  • Even by the standards of the Dubya administration – which is a
    master at using terror threats to achieve political ends – the timing
    of today’s arrests are, shall we say, convenient. – Magpie
  • A lot of people poo poo’d John Howard when he claimed that there was a terrorist threat against Australia in the wings. – The Mollyzine
  • The police seem to indicate that this operation was a long time in
    the planning, surveillance and coming and not reliant on the new terror
    laws, so if it is successful, you have to wonder what the need is of
    the heightened lockdown the new laws allow. It would make all of
    Howard’s fearmongering seem downright redundant. – Guambat Stew