Former Tasmanian Liberal leader Bob Cheek has offered a feisty response
to his successor Rene Hidding’s threats to get heavy if he publishes
his memoirs in the lead-up to next year’s state election:

“I don’t know why he’s worrying. I haven’t received any threats from
the Labor Party. Even Mark Latham wasn’t subjected to this sort of
treatment,” Cheek is quoted as saying on the Tasmanian Times.

“He doesn’t even know what’s in it—he’s jumping at shadows.”

Mr Cheek said it would be published before the next state election, otherwise several players might no longer be in Parliament.

“All I can say is bring it on, make my day.”

CRIKEY: Yesterday’s story on the Cheek/Hidding stoush was sourced from Tasmanian Times and the URL was omitted due to error. Red faces and apologies all round.