Paul Mullins and Channel 10 Sydney staff must be splitting their sides at the audacity or stupidity of claims by ABC’s Four Corners program last night, while A Current Affair‘s Martin King is probably feeling a sense of deja vu.

Headlines by Four Corners about being first to film inside the ‘SuperMax’ jail at Goulburn since it was opened were eclipsed by Mullins’ crew who actually were ‘the first’ nearly two years ago, and produced a two-part series. King and his ACA crew on the other hand, as recently as August last year, did a story on gangs in jail, even showed the same NSW Corrective Services supplied footage as shown on ABC last night, and in previous ACA stories showed the work of the Hostage Response Group, and referred to jailing terrorists.

Even many of Commissioner “Rotten” Ron Woodham’s comments and comments by his side-kick, Brian Kelly, could be directly overlayed between then and last night. Seems “Rotten” Ron and his personal media unit have duped the good old ABC, by rehashing old stories. Maybe rumours are true that ICAC favourite “Rotten” Ron wants to retire soon (December 2 plus long-service leave is rumoured) with a handsome Government payout and bonuses after sacrifices (of his staff) made for former Justice Minister John Hatzistergos as part of the ‘The Way Forward’ – more often referred to as ‘Screw the Screws’ or ‘The Way Backward’.

A good one for Media Watch if they want to show media manipulation so obvious it could bite you.

CRIKEY: Our media watcher presents one side of the story but no doubt we’ll get another version of events from Four Corners. We’ll offer them a right of reply and, if they take it up, publish their response in tomorrow’s Crikey.