Gee, if you were a cynic and it wasn’t so serious, you’d be thinking this NSW Government will stop at virtually nothing to cloud the issue and try and deflect public scrutiny.

The latest anti-terror raids in Sydney and Melbourne have resulted in a press conference called by NSW Premier Morris Iemma at 9.40am, attended by various senior police and other ministers (including Carl Scully).

Scully said the police forces “might just have prevented a catastrophic act of terrorism in this country.”

The press conference was held before any appearances in court, which would have prevented any comment by the politicians or police.

Remember this is a government that tabled 30,000 pages of documents about the Cross Sydney Tunnel in an effort to deflect attention from its problems. But that backfired when a letter from a senior minister to another claiming a possible leak of information, was found by the Opposition among the documents tabled.

That has led to pressure on the Premier from the ALP head office to lift his game, a point made by the Daily Telegraph yesterday and again today.

The Iemma Government will welcome the raids because they will have deflected attention from its poor handling of the Cross City Tunnel and the Lane Cove Tunnel stories.

There were further questions on the Lane Cove Tunnel issue today with suggestions the ventilation shaft that was the subject of the collapse last week, was moved 65 metres without any explanation.

But the company, Thiess John Holland says it told local residents a year ago of the changes but the Mayor of Lane Cove, Ian Longbottom was on ABC local radio this morning saying that his council knew nothing about the changed location.